Validate, Affirm, Build, and Bridge

Our Mission

The Center for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning (CCRTL) exists for making cultural responsiveness a meaningful aspect of everyday life (mission). Being culturally responsive is an approach to living life in a way that practices the validation and affirmation of different cultures for the purposes of moving beyond race and moving below the superficial focus on culture. Cultural responsiveness is for everyone (our vision).The number one objective is to sway school communities, professional communities, and the general public to becoming culturally responsive.

The aim is accomplished through three broad strands of development: professional development, community development, and school development. With these three strands, we inform all stakeholders concretely and practically in what it means to be culturally responsive. We influence institutional policies and practices, and we inspire changes in behaviors – individually and institutionally.

I saw students come alive, smile , laugh and enjoy my math class. Before using these strategies I felt like I was teaching/talking to myself. Class was long, boring and I (and the students) were frustrated. I know where my students are at academically because I am listening to them talk, think, collaborate and create more.”
— Elementary School Teacher

What We've Achieved

  • Positive impact on teachers from all teachers who get one-on-one coaching throughout the school year.

  • Shifted mindset and cultivated skillsets for all content areas and grade levels.

  • Teachers' mindsets shift in such a way that they do not blame their students for difficult behavior, but reflect on how they can change their practice to garner engagement and learning.

  • Teacher's skillsets develop so that learning is more student-centered and engaging.

  • Students are more engaged and academically successful in classrooms where the teacher has participated in CLR PD.

CLR Infusion Level Progress 2015-2016

This is data captures the CLR infusion level progression from 1,000 teachers who participated in the one-on-one coaching model over the span of 2013-2017.