5-hour Online Foundation Seminar

In 5 modules, this seminar is our seminal Foundation PD available.

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Journey To Responsiveness: Focus on Culture

  • Defines concretely what cultural responsiveness is and why it is necessary in our society today.
  • Builds knowledge and creates the context for addressing the needs of the underserved in terms of their sociopolitical and sociolinguistic relativity in the United States in general and in U.S. education specifically.
  • For schools, it promotes the focus on pedagogy with specific strategies and activities in a way that validates and affirms underserved students.

Webinar One – Responsive Classroom Management Workshop

75 min.

In order to have a positive classroom management system, teachers have to separate out cultural behavior from disruptive behaviors. In many cases, the two are confused due to biases, misperceptions, and miscommunication. This session will work teachers through a process of reflecting upon their biases, learning about cultural behaviors according to research, and practicing strategies for building on the cultural behaviors.



Webinar Two – Responsive Academic Vocabulary Workshop

75 min. 

Webinar will show classroom teachers how to build academic vocabulary while validating and affirming the cultural vocabularies that the students bring. There is a focus on strategies in the areas of synonym development, context clues, the purpose of slang, and written development. It introduces our academic tools: personal thesaurus and personal dictionary

Webinar Three – Responsive Academic Literacy Workshop

75 min.

Webinar delves into the use of culturally responsive literature with effective language and literacy strategies for the purposes of teaching Common Core Standards. Teachers will also build their knowledge in what is appropriate culturally responsive literature and what is not, will learn why use of effective strategies made culturally responsive can benefit students more so than traditional use, and demonstrate applications for use with content area textbooks.



Webinar Four – Responsive Academic Language Workshop

75 min

The concept of situational appropriateness is validating and affirming because it gives credibility to home language and culture while at the same time teaching the expectations of mainstream language and behavior. This workshop will provide specific strategies for teaching students situational appropriateness in language and behavior.

Virtual Questions and Answers w/ Dr. Hollie

60-90 minute opportunity to have general questions answered around issues related to CLR as a mindset and skillset. Meant for participants who have attended the foundational PD at least. Done through GoToMeeting platform.





Virtual Consultation/Technical Support

Similar to technical support for your technology, this option allows for emailing a question/comment to a dedicated line/person who then responds within 24-48 hours with great advice. Response could be provided by Dr. Hollie or one of his associates, depending on availability



Virtual Coaching #1 – Lesson plan feedback/support and advisory on CLR teaching

Catered toward practicing teachers of CLR who are participating in the instructional cycle officially. This type of coaching is technical in that a lesson plan must be provided in order for critical feedback to be given via email or Skype.



Virtual Coaching #2 – Upload a 15 to 30-minute recorded-lesson for observation and critical feedback

Similar to coaching #1, instead a recording is uploaded for critical analysis and feedback for a CLR coach, using a special observation tool developed by the CLR team. Done via Skype or email.


Virtual Professional Learning Communities

Based on the structure of the traditional Professional Learning Community (PLC), this learning community will be focused on implementing CLR with a set of questions and series of discussions groups that teachers/staff can use for reflection.