The key to CLR success is sustainability in the classroom.

Teachers, instructional coaches and district leaders will have the opportunity to dive deeper into the mindset and skillset of cultural responsiveness through a four day intensive training.

Participants will:

• Clarify the relationship between your first thoughts and your last thoughts.
• Amplify your CLR toolbox with the right actions for your students.
• Simplify your lesson planning by creating a six week plan for September.


Click here to download our flyer!

Click here to download our flyer!


Our Summer Institutes are coming back in 2019 with 2 new locations added. Register now and secure your spot now before our highly-anticipated event fills up!




Rochester, MN
June 10th - 13th, 2019

John Marshall High School
1510 14th Street NW,
Rochester, MN, 55901


St. Paul, MN
June 17th - 20th, 2019

Cottage Grove Middle School
9775 Indian Blvd S,
Cottage Grove, MN 55016


Milwaukee, WI*
June 24th - 27th, 2019

General Mitchell Elementary School
5950 S. Illinois Ave,
Cudahy, WI 53110


Minneapolis, MN
July 8th - 11th, 2019

Fridley High School  
6000 W Moore Lake Dr NE,
Minneapolis, MN 55432


*CLR Level 1 only available at these locations


CLR I: Emergers, Splashers and Floaters

This four day workshop will get you moving in the CLR pool by having you reflect on your mindset and skillset. During these four days you will walk through, in depth, the Responsive Classroom Management Section of the CLR Resource Guide. There will be time each day to discuss and plan for the integration of these pieces of CLR into your everyday teaching. Strategies for schools, coaches, and classroom teachers Pre K -12 will be shared and practiced.

Institute Includes: Key Supplemental
Handouts, Panera Bread boxed lunch,
refreshments, snacks and CLR book


CLR II: Kickers and Above

This four day workshop delves beyond the engagement activities into responsive academic vocabulary and responsive academic literacy. Using the CLR Resource Guide, teachers at both primary and secondary levels will be led through planning for the integration of these instructional areas into their classroom teaching through age specific breakout sessions. The engagement activities will be demonstrated
to show how the vocabulary and literacy
pieces can become a part of your CLR toolbox.

Institute Includes: Key Supplemental
Handouts, Panera Bread boxed lunch,
refreshments and snacks



CLR III for Leaders:
Supporting and Sustaining
CLR at your sites

CLR has been introduced to your
district. Many teachers have gone
through the foundational training.
CLR cohorts are established. Now
what? This one day workshop will
cover how to support and sustain
CLR from a school site and central
office perspective. The session is
meant for professional development
directors, administrators put in
charge of CLR, curriculum and
instructional leaders, and equity
offices as it applies. First part of the
workshop will engage in practices for
supporting CLR at the classroom level
and the second part will discuss ways
to create sustainability at a district
wide level.

What participants are saying?

Overall, wonderful course with many practical suggestions to take back to the classroom to put into place immediately as well as ideas and motivations for further growth and development as an educator and person.
— Summer Institute Participant

I was able to add strategies and activities to my toolbox that I will implement in the fall.

100% Satisfaction-2017 Summer Institutes
I loved the energy and careful preparation. I think it is important to be “the student” every once in a while to reflect on our own ways of learning and the reality of our own expectations of our students. This is great teaching and benefits all learners. It definitely follows brain research and how to teach so students remember. It differentiates and meets the needs of all learning styles and multiple intelligences. It fosters deep understanding and DOK integration. And the best part is that it meets the needs of the underserved.
— -Summer Institute Participant
This training exemplifies the old adage ‘practice what you preach.’ There was a variety of useful strategies that were delivered by letting teachers try them as students. There was movement, validation, and a whole lot of fun. Breaks and food were given at the right times - when work time was given I actually used it to work!
— Summer Institute Participant