How we do


The aim is accomplished through three broad strands of development: professional development, community development, and school development. With these three strands, we inform all stakeholders concretely and practically in what it means to be culturally responsive. We influence institutional policies and practices, and we inspire changes in behaviors – individually and institutionally.


HOW WE Inform.

We educate all stakeholders in what it means to be culturally responsive in meaningful ways, not just in namesake or in policy documents. Over 200,000 people have been professionally developed in cultural responsiveness where we focus on changing mindsets, developing skillsets, and implementing system-sets.


How we inFluence.

We have developed a framework for thought and engagement for anyone who has a stake in the cause of urban, suburban, or rural community reclamation through progressive, innovative methods. Cultural responsiveness shifts the community’s thoughts and actions on traditional perspectives and policies on race and equity from stagnation to innovation by influencing policies and practices, engaging all stakeholders, and galvanizing communities around cultural responsiveness for change.




Through our network of school districts and professional organizations around the country and our work with corporate entities, we have demonstrated that being culturally responsive can make a difference in production and achievement. Our flagship schools and organizations are making consistent and steady progress in their journey to responsiveness.