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An Explanation of the CLR Instructional Cycles

CLR Coaching follows the foundational training and is the best support we offer to help teachers transfer the theory of CLR that they learn in the trainings into practice.  Below is an explanation of the CLR instructional cycle process we use to help teachers develop their CLR skill-set.

Our objective is to support you in moving forward from “splashing” to “kicking” by the time we complete our work together.  To us, a kicker is distinguished by two primary features: 1) CLR is operational in his/her classroom (part of the classroom culture), and 2) A kicker is ready to lead/support his/her colleagues in their journey to responsiveness. It is highly unlikely a teacher will start as a kicker; it is our job to take you there. Since you are in the beginning stages of your CLR infusion, we expect that initially you will be an emerger or splasher.  Your initial placement on the continuum is not a reflection on your overall competence as a teacher; it is solely focused on CLR implementation.   


The Gist

  • You have volunteered or were encouraged by your school leader to participate in a CLR cohort (6-10 teachers).

  • You will begin practicing CLR in your classroom (“getting their feet wet”).

  • You will participate in a pre-assessment walk-thru and group debrief with an experienced CLR Coach.

  • You will continue practicing CLR in your classroom (“splashing”).

  • You will be observed and receive individual technical feedback from an experienced CLR Coach.

  • You will come together as a group between coaching visits to support one another in your CLR infusion.

  • You may observe a demonstration lesson led by an experienced CLR coach if ordered by your school.

More Explanation of the Phases of the CLR Instructional Cycle

Coaching I - Pre-Assessment Walk-Thru

  • A CLR Coach will work with your administrator to set up a schedule for the 15 minute classroom visit. It is important that we see active instruction during the time we are in your room, so please consider that in the scheduling.

  • A CLR Coach will meet briefly with an administrator at the start of the day to get some general information about your community, school, students, and staff.

  • A CLR Coach will visit your classroom for 15 minutes, looking at your preliminary use of the CLR strategies. The goal is to get a baseline from which to continue the coaching relationship. You will receive a written feedback form during the group debrief.  Note: individual feedback is between the coach and the cadre member.  The coach will visit your classroom alone, and nobody else at your school will receive any information on individual teachers.

  • A CLR Coach will meet with the entire cohort in a group debrief to explain the feedback form, discuss general patterns observed during the visits, and explain the next steps in the Instructional Cycle.

Coaching II - Coaching with Technical Feedback

  • A CLR Coach will work with your administrator to set up a schedule for the 30 minute observation.  It is important that we see you trying several CLR strategies during this time, so please consider that when scheduling.

  • A CLR Coach will contact you approximately one week prior to the observation with more specific information, including a Lesson Plan Request, which is due 48 hours before the visit.

  • A CLR Coach will provide feedback on your lesson preview prior to the observation if received within the 48 hour timeframe.  If the lesson plan is not received 48 hours prior to the observation, feedback will not be provided prior to the observation, and if it is not received at all, the visit may be cancelled.

  • A CLR Coach will observe your instruction for 30 minutes, looking specifically at your use of CLR strategies.  You will have a 20 minute individual debrief with the Coach, and you will receive a written feedback form. Again, any individual feedback is kept between the coach and the participating teacher.

CLR Binder Boost (Highly recommended)

  • You will read one chapter of the CLR Resource binder each month, ideally prior to the upcoming visit.

  • You will practice infusing strategies from the binder into daily lesson plans.

  • You will meet as a cohort once a month to discuss their infusion and offer each other support.

Model Demonstration Lessons (may or may not be recommended by coach)

  • If demonstration lessons are ordered, an experienced CLR coach will provide an on-site demonstration lesson, approximately 45 minutes in length. The Coach will model culturally and linguistically responsive instructional strategies with your students.

  • The primary audience for demonstration lessons are cadre teachers. Generally, we recommend no more than 6 observing teachers per demonstration lesson.

  • The day involves a pre-brief, the demo, a debrief, and a lesson plan collaborative.  The entire day will be facilitated by the CLR coach with logistical support from the administrator.

We have a successful track record of providing professional development that focuses on the combination of sound research and practical approaches to culturally and linguistically responsive (CLR) methodology.  We look forward to collaborating with you and supporting you in furthering your students’ academic success.


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CLR Binder Boost

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