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Build teachers’ background knowledge in the cultures and languages of underserved students This layer involves four full day sessions (four day institute) of knowledge and content building. For most participants, culturally and linguistically responsive teaching (CLR) is a new concept that has been misunderstood and/or misconstrued. After experiencing these four sessions, participants will have a solid understanding of the socio-historic connection to present-day systemic failure and why culturally and linguistically responsive teaching is necessary.

Foundation Day 1 - Focus on CultureIMG 1242 opt

  • Defines concretely what is culturally and linguistically responsive teaching and why it is necessary in our failing schools today.
  • Builds knowledge and creates the context for addressing the needs of underserved students, in terms of their sociopolitical and sociolinguistic relativity in the American educational system.
  • Promotes the focus on effective instructional strategies utilization in way that validates and affirms underserved students across content areas and grade levels.

Foundation Day 2 - Focus on Language

  • Explains what languages are considered "unacceptable" and why it is important for schools to recognize these languages in a meaningful way.
  • Provides linguistic features and classroom contexts to build upon instructionally in the focus areas of vocabulary, literacy and language.
  • Provide a sample of take-away activities for immediate classroom use.

Foundation Day 3 -Focus on Classroom Mangagement/Responsive Academic Vocabulary

  • Explains how to separate/distinguish cultural behavior from disruptive behaviors.
  • Facilitates teachers reflecting upon their biases and  learning about cultural behaviors according to reserach and practice strategies for building on cultural behaviors.
  • Explains how to build academic vocabulary while validating and affirming the cultural vocabularies that students bring.
  • Demonstrates responsive instruction using the strategies of synonym development, context clues, and discusses the purpose of slang, and written development.
  • Introduces our academic tools: personal thesaurus and personal dictionary.

Foundation Day 4 -  

Focus on Responsive Academic Literacy/Reponsive Academic Language

  • Teaches the specifics of utilizing culturally responsive texts with effective language and literacy strategies for the purposes of meeting Common Core Standards.
  • Build knowledge in what is appropriate culturally responsive literature and what is not.
  • Teachers will learn why the use of effective strategies made responsive can benefit students more than tradtional use.
  • Teaches the concept of situational appropriateness as validating and affirming, giving credibility to the home language and culture of studetns while building and briding towards the expectations of mainstream language and behavior.
  • Provide specific strategies for teaching students situational appropriateness in language and behavior.

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