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A Day of VABBing: Inaugural CLR One Day Conference

Picture a room full of fellow VABBers coming together for one day of celebrating, networking, and deep, critical learning around cultural responsiveness. Our 1st Annual VABB Day is a one day conference meant to bring together like-minded educators who are practicing cultural responsiveness in their mindsets and their skillsets. This full day will feature a keynote address and two extended workshop sessions that will deepen your knowledge base around CLR. Included in registration is a continental breakfast, full lunch, and opportunity to network with CLR educators from around the country.

Eight CLR Breakout Sessions, Keynote Address and Networking Opportunities
Key Note Speaker:  
Hollie  Dr. Hollie, Executive Director 
Center for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning 
Dr. Sharroky Hollie is a national educator who provides professional development to thousands of educators in the area of cultural responsiveness. Since 2000, Dr. Hollie has trained over 150,000 educators and worked in nearly 2000 classrooms. Going back 25 years, he has been a classroom teacher at the middle and high school levels, a central office professional development coordinator in Los Angeles Unified School District, a school founder and administrator, and university professor in teacher education at the Cal State University. Sharroky has also been a visiting professor for Webster University in St. Louis and a guest lecturer at Stanford and UCLA. In addition to his experience in education, he has authored several texts and journal articles. Most recently, he wrote Strategies for Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning (2015) and contributed a chapter in the Oxford Handbook of African American Language (2015). Dr. Hollie's first book, Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning: Classroom Practices for Student Success was published in 2011, followed soon thereafter by The Skill to Lead, The Will to Teach, co-written with Dr. Anthony Muhammad. Also, Dr. Hollie has been a contributing author with Pearson publishing in the Cornerstone and Keystone textbook series (2009), Prentice Hall Anthology (2012), and iLit e-series (2014). In 2003, he and two colleagues founded the Culture and Language Academy of Success, a laboratory school that demonstrated the principles of cultural responsiveness in an exemplary school wide model, which operated until 2013.

Author's Strand
Practitioner's Strand
alim samy Dr. H. Samy Alim
Stanford University
Dr. H. Samy Alim is Professor of Education and (by courtesy) Anthropology and Linguistics, and serves as Director of the Program in African & African American Studies and the Institute for Diversity in the Arts. Professor Alim’s research has focused on Black Language and Black Popular Culture, primarily Hip Hop Culture and poetics, for over 15 years. Since receiving his B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, and his M.A. and Ph.D. from Stanford University, Alim has written widely in this area.
Nicole Elliot Nicole Lusiani Elliot
Center for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning, Stanford University
Nicole Lusiani Elliott has served as a CLR coach and professional development instructor, coaching teachers K-12 with a specialization in secondary history. Prior to that she was a practicing CLR educator, serving 19 years teaching English and social studies at a high-needs East Bay public high school.
carolina Dr. Carolina Blatt-Gross
The College of New Jersey
Carolina Blatt-Gross earned a Ph.D. in Art Education from the University of Georgia, a M.A. in Art History from the Savannah College of Art and Design and a B.A. from Juniata College. Using an interdisciplinary lens to understand the arts as an inherent human propensity, her scholarship explores the role of formal education in supporting or suppressing students’ artful natures.
 JavierSanRoman Javier San Ramon
Center for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning
Javier San Román has been an educator for 18 years serving the largely Latino and African American communities of South Central Los Angeles for the Los Angeles Unified School District. During his career as an educator, Javier has been an elementary and middle school teacher, a Bilingual Coordinator, a Program Specialist and a Coordinator with the Academic English Mastery Program (AEMP). Javier holds a BCLAD credential, a Masters in Educational Administration, and a Tier II Administrative Credential.
Dr. Clifford Lee Dr. Clifford Lee
Saint Mary's College
Clifford Lee, an assistant professor in the Single Subject Teacher Education (SSTE) Program, teaches courses on the topics of Schooling Inequality; Critical Pedagogy/Literacy; Sociocultural Theory; Multiliteracies; Culturally Responsive Pedagogy; Social Studies Methods; Project Based Learning; and Restorative Justice.
Daniel russell Daniel Russell
Center for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning
Daniel Russell has over two decades of experience working with underserved students in the Los Angeles area. He began his journey in 1995 as a facilitator for the Academic English Mastery Program(AEMP) and has dedictated his career to finding the most effective instructional strategies to improve the achievement of struggling and reluctant learners.
ZHammond Headshot

Zaretta Hammond
Ready 4 Rigor
Zaretta Hammond is a teacher educator and the author of Culturally Responsive Teaching and The Brain: Promoting Authentic Engagement and Rigor Among Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students. She has a passion for books and teaching reading. She blogs at www.ready4rigor.com.

Jamila Gillenwaters Dr. Jamila Gillenwaters
Center for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning
Dr. Jamila Gillenwaters is Standard English Learner Specialist working for the Academic English Mastery Program--one of the department's within LAUSD's Multilingual and Multicultural Education Department. She is also the author of "Affirming Home Language while Improving Academic Writing: Dive Deeper into Linguistic Features of AAL (African American Language)".


Details and Information

CLR One Day Conference
A Day of VABBing

Monday, June 26, 2017
9:30 - 3:30 | Oakland, California
Merrit College
12500 Campus Dr.
Oakland, CA 94619
Cost: $175

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